Thomas J. Torrington

For the first twenty years of his adult life, Thomas J. Torrington made a career as a golf teaching professional.

Now he has transitioned into a life as a writer of literary fiction stories that explore the depths of the human condition.

When he’s not hitting 300 yard drives, he’s hitting the ski slopes with his wife and two young children, or otherwise enjoying the outdoors near his home in rural Maine.

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Boy Reading

Omnia Finem Habent — “Everthing Has An End”

Thomas uses the “boy reading” logo with the Latin phrase Omnia Finem Habent in all of his published works. “Everything has an end” reminds us that every story has its conclusion. Every story, whether fictional or real life, draws to a close. If taken to it’s logical and final conclusion, the ending is always the same for we mortals. It is the pages preceding that ending that enrich us and determine how profound our ending will be. “Omnia Finem Habent” reminds us to make the story great, so that when the end comes it is a happy one. At least — as happy as it can be for something that has to end.