Short Stories

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FRAGMENTS is a collection of literary short stories and flash fiction from Thomas J. Torrington. The eclectic stories in this anthology range from thought-provoking, to dark and disturbing, to heartwarming, to edge-of-your-seat suspenseful and will challenge beliefs, awaken the soul, and speak to the spark of divine humanity within every reader.

12 short stories, 33 works of flash fiction, 1 incredible collection.

Short Stories Included in FRAGMENTS:

The Dragon’s Den:
A powerful allegory about courage, heroism, and facing the metaphorical dragons in life.
A gripping tale of suspense that will have the reader wondering what is actually possible in a world of modern technology.
Sentient Reverie:
A thoughtful inner journey of self-discovery that explores the farthest reaches of the conscious and subconscious mind.
Oncle Nadeau:
A dark modern fable that offers lessons both above and below the surface of the story.
The Widow’s Wine:
A touching story about how the ones we love can impact our lives even long after they’re gone.
Visiting Virginia:
A heartwarming seasonal tale that will remind you of the importance of the season, and the love of Christmases past.
A twisted psychological story about a man who knows he’s in a dangerous situation considering his own mental state.
Snow Angels:
A bittersweet story in which Emily learns the value of giving snow angels as a gift to her mother.
The Guard’s Plan:
A suspenseful tale that will keep readers wondering what is going to happen to the very end.
The Final Judgement:
An intriguing and topical short story in which all-too-real modern political conflict collides with Biblical and classical mythology.
The Last Word:
A stunning story that explores the humanity in death and if there really is such a thing as dying with dignity.
Zero Hour:
An action-packed short story in which Buck will fight for his life and before things are through, perhaps his very soul.